Paintball and clay shooting is great fun and those who have engaged in these games can definitely attest to this fact. As a result, these two sport have tremendously grown in popularity and many people are getting engaged in them than ever before. Currently, there are over 100 countries around the globe playing these games. Playing paintball and clay shooting is not only fulfilling but also it can serve as a perfect way of relieving stress, improving mental functioning, sleep among many other health benefits. Basically, paintball and clay shooting entails shooting at targets which can be humans in the case of paintball or clay target in the case of clay shooting.

Who can play paintballing and clay shooting?

First and foremost, age is crucial. The minimum age for paintballing varies from one country to another depending on the laws of the land. In some states, the minimum age for shooting sports is set to be 18 years whereas in other countries it may be as low as 12 years. Something else to note is that these games can be played by both men and women and also it can be a family sport.

What are the requirements for playing these games?

The following are paramount when planning to play paintball or clay shooting: protective gears such as safety masks, goggles, and other equipment like paintballs, airgun, a shotgun for clay shooting, safety equipment for blocking barrels, elbow and knee pads. Another important thing is training on clay shooting and paintballing particularly for the newbies. There are institutions that offer training and always doing some research will help you land some nice coaching places around you. In addition, a shotgun certificate is required in order to own a shotgun usually at the age of 18 years in most countries. If you train well and your skills are good enough you can even play in paintball tournaments all over the globe.

Where can one play paintball and clay shooting?

Paintballing and clay shooting are mostly outdoor games however, they can still be done indoors particularly when the weather is unfavourable. There are commercial fields professionally design for shooting sports where people get to pay some fee for using the facility. It is good to ensure that the field has the best terrain and is big enough to accommodate all the participants and also, it would be excellent if the facility offers additional services such as catering, safety among others.

When is the right time for paintballing and clay shooting?

There is no definite season for these games because each season has its own advantages and shortcomings. For instance, the spring season is ideal for those who would wish to have the game under moderate temperatures but on the other hand, this season can be rainy and this may interfere with the game. Summer season can be ideal because it has fewer rains compared to the spring except for the high temperatures. Of course, there are those who would dare the cold temperatures in winter but all in all your preference matters.